Kinesis Firehose

I want to mimic the recommended alerts from AWS for Firehose. It looks as if a few of the metrics are not available in New Relic such as the throttled metrics. Where can I find those metrics? Also, how can I get assistance for creating the alerts with my dashboard? I have an open support ticket from this morning with no reply.

Hi @marco9, welcome to the Explorers Hub! I can see that a member of our team has responded on your ticket. I would advise keeping the communication on the thread as our support team will be the best suited to assist you with this.

I am not getting the support I need nor requested. Customer support has failed to answer my questions. I am now four days past my initial ticket with no progress. I was hopeful for a better response from the team.

Hi @marco9, I would advise that you check your email for a follow up from our account team as they will be the ones continuing support for this issue.

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