Kong log for large client body is not displaying on New Relic dashboard

Whenever I am trying to post one request with large payload Kong is giving me this error: client intended to send too large body which is obvious because of the client_max_body_size property which is defined to 10mb in Nginx side. But my concern is this particular error is not getting forwarded to newrelic log and I can’t find this record using NRQL. Any suggestions or solutions?

Hi, @Amit.Biswas: Are you handling the error in your code? By default, only unhandled exceptions are sent to New Relic. If you want to send handled exceptions to New Relic, you may call NewRelic.NoticeError() from your application’s exception handler.

Hello @philweber: No I am not hadling this error in code level. This error is being thrown by the Kong API gateway and I think the custom new relic plugin is creating error while parsing this particular log.

Hello @philweber: Is there any specific configuration in Nginx side to handle 413 status error code ?

Hi @Amit.Biswas!

I’m not familiar with Kong API gateway, but what I’m understanding is, you’ve installed a New Relic Log plugin. Logs are successfully forwarded except logs around a 413 error, correct?

Can you provide more details about your current configuration including the New Relic plugins?


Hello @BT21,

Yes. You are correct about the issue.

Currently we are using the New relic C SDK and a custom plugin with Nginx which uses lua to connect with the SDK and parses the log generated in the API Gateway and forward it to the New Relic dashboard.