Kubernetes and New Relic CodeStream

I have a set of microservices that are on kubernetes cluster. I am able to integrate my react app to codestream but when I am trying to associate my kubernetes with codestream I am not able to do so, can you please guide me like how can I be able to do this integration via Newrelic codestream .

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It sounds like you wish integrate Kubernetes, I did a little digging here and located some New Relic docs that may be helpful;

  1. Introduction to the Kubernetes integration

  2. Kubernetes integration: install and configure

I hope the above is helpful.

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I want to see my Kubernetes in my newrelic codestream. Is there any solution regarding that like if I configure my yaml file it will reflect there

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Codestream integrates with the applications monitored by our APM agents, which could be running within a Kubernetes cluster. I don’t believe that you can integrate Codestream with the Kubernetes cluster configuration.

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Ok Thank you for the information

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