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Kubernetes cluster dashboard



I was looking for a way to view all the Kubernetes clusters on one Dashboard . Is there away to do so ?

Thank you,


Hi @basma.asaad ,
You can do that on the Kubernetes default dashboard, one easy way to get to the dashboard is to go to the Kubernetes tab in New Relic Infrastructure; there you have a Kubernetes dashboard link.
One on the dashboard, you can remove all filters to see the data from all your clusters at once.


Thank you @jjoly but can you display all the clusters all together in the cluster explorer ?


Hello @basma.asaad,

If you required all cluster details in single dashboard , then create in Insight dashboard.


Hi @basma.asaad - In the Kubernetes Cluster Explorer dashboard all clusters will be listed in the CLUSTER dropdown option but only the selected cluster and its components can be brought into focus at a time.

If you’d like to view metrics for all clusters in a single window then you could use the Kubernetes Dashboard by navigating to Infrastructure > Integrations > On-Host Integrations. As @jjoly mentioned make sure you have nothing selected in your filter set.

@vikramsawant99 - Thanks for sharing your suggestion and you’re right, Insights will allow you to create custom dashboards based on the same and additional metrics pulled into the default Kubernetes Dashboard. For a full set of Kubernetes specific events that you can use to create these custom dashboards please see our docs here.


Thank you All , but there is no way to show the same graph on insight as the one appears in the cluster explorer , We are using the kubernetes dashboard in the host integration , but we are looking for the same presentation in the cluster explorer.


Hi @basma.asaad - Correct, you will not be able to re-create the Kubernetes Cluster Explorer in Insights but you shouldn’t have to. The Kubernetes Cluster Explorer is a multidimensional representation of a Kubernetes Cluster i.e. the center visual is a single cluster and each section represents a node and it’s scheduled pods. If you want to view another cluster you would just need to select the cluster in the CLUSTER dropdown option.

What exactly would you like to monitor and we’ll try to point you in the right direction.


Thank you @woppermann , The management wants to see the same representation in the cluster explorer for all the clusters on the same page without the need to select the cluster name from the cluster dropdown option, I was looking for away to accomplish that.

Thank you.



Thanks for your feedback.
Currently,as you may have guessed, that is not possible.

The K8s Cluster Explorer is a very particular interface we built to overview the status of a Cluster. It is not available as a widget that could be included in a insights or New Relic One dashboard.
However that is great suggestion and i’ll make sure our Product Development team gets your feedback and request.

Let me know if there are any special requirements or particularities that you also would like to see on that feature so that I can feedback into our Product team



Thank you @ccastro

the main request is to have all the clusters appear at once with the same representation for the K8s explorer

Thank you again… thank you all !


Hi @basma.asaad,

I wanted to let you know I’ve gone ahead and submitted the Feature Request to our Product Development team with your feedback. Thanks for helping us to improve the product!


Thank you @sellefson