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Kubernetes Cluster Explorer access


I can see my clusters and their respective API object data in the Kubernetes Dashboard under Infrastructure/Integrations.
^ According to that page, I should see a Kubernetes tab under Infrastructure that will show me the Kubernetes Cluster Exploror if I have set up the recommended alerts. I don’t see a Kubernetes link under Integrations. I only see the K8s dashboard link under “On Host Integrations” under Integrations.

I can’t find “recommended alerts” for Kubernetes mentioned in any support page or blog post.

  1. Is the lack of recommended alerts preventing the Kubernetes link from showing as a tab under Infrastructure?
  2. Where can I find the list of recommended alerts the above article is referring to?



I guess I read the last section of this page incorrectly:

Beginning in early 2019, the public beta will be accessible to any Infrastructure Pro customer who has configured the New Relic Kubernetes monitoring integration—there’s nothing extra to deploy or to configure. Find out more in our Kubernetes monitoring integration documentation.

My brain read that to mean that it’s available to everyone now. It seems obvious now that I was jumping the gun.


@Matt.Miller we are rolling out the cluster explorer progressively to all accounts. You should see the tab appear soon!
Thanks for your patience :slightly_smiling_face: