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Kubernetes Infrastructure Agent Not Showing Disk Usage



Hello everyone, I’m writing because we recently installed the New Relic Infrastructure Agent on our clusters and the storage metric (STO) is showing as 0% for all nodes on all clusters. I was wondering if anyone has encountered this issue before?

As a side note, we also have Prometheus installed and scraping the same kube-state-metrics endpoint that the infrastructure agent is pointed at and I am able to query the available storage.



Hi @Robert.Wynne, would you mind sharing the following details first and we can go from there :slight_smile:

  • Which version of Kubernetes are you currently running?

  • Which solution you are using (vanilla K8s, GKE, Azure Containers, Openshift, etc.)?

  • What’s the size of your cluster. Number of nodes, namespaces, pods and containers?

  • Could you check the event collector for any errors with the following command:
    kubectl logs deploy/nr-kube-events kube-events

Cheers :slight_smile: