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Kubernetes On Host Integrations Dashboards missing

  • Which version of Windows or which distribution of Linux are you using? GKE Kubernetes

  • What is your Language Agent version? Java latest

  • What is your Infrastructure Subscription level? Essentials or PRO? Trial

  • Describe what you are seeing. How does this differ from what you expected to see?

following the instructions here:

I was able to get the kubernetes data to report back using NSQL queries, but I don’t want to write a bunch of queries by hand without looking at the provided Dashboards (per the docs). The Integrations > On host integrations option is not available to me. Is it not available in Trial?

To view the Kubernetes integration’s dashboard, go to > Integrations > On Host Integrations, then select the Kubernetes dashboard link. This will open the automatically created default Kubernetes dashboard in Insights.

To be clear, it is not a dashboard that won’t populate. I do not see the dashboard, nor the Integrations as an option or menu item to click on.


Hello @violetaria ,

The dashboard should be available as long as data is reported.
Does this query return anything?
SELECT * FROM K8sPodSample since 1 day ago




Yes that query returns data. It’s very confusing as to why the dashboard options do not show up.



In Insights, you should be able to access the dashboard going to “All dashboards”.