Labels case sensitivity

Hi, I have some questions about labels. I noticed that adding a label to an application using the UI will auto capitalize the first letters of the key:value pair. But adding a label via the API does not.

Is this a bug on the UI or the API? Or neither? Are labels case sensitive?

Hi @dson - It is a “feature” as described in the thread below.

Interesting… I don’t care either way but some sort of consistency would be nice especially if labels are case-sensitive


Hi @dson, the thread @stefan_garnham linked does have a workaround to keep consistency, but if this is not the ideal solution i’d advise to add this as a Feature Idea on the Hub so that other users can add their use-cases and vote as the more support these Ideas get the better :smiley:

This seems like a bug to me, so I made a thread here: Rest API and Web UI have inconsistent label capitalization policy

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@dson Thanks for posting the feature idea here on the community. :smiley: