Lambda instrumentation and cloudwatch metric streams


We have set up an AWS Cloudwatch metrics stream to send metrics to NR for our AWS services. Then we looked at instrumenting Lambda functions, which appears to depend on the (polling based) AWS Lambda integration. Once that was enabled, lots of metrics and functions were duplicated

To resolve this, I have excluded Lambda namespace from the cloudwatch metrics stream. Is this the right approach? Do we have to go back to polling cloudwatch metrics to be able to have in-depth lambda monitoring?

Hey @matthew.bell,

It sounds like you’ve already got the AWS integrations set up, so that’s great.

  1. None of our tools have included support for the metric stream yet. The newrelic-lambda cli and Serverless plugin both do not do anything to configure Metric Streams for use with Lambda monitoring.

  2. The Extension and log ingestion method are mutually exclusive methods of shipping invocation payloads and function logs. One or the other method should be used, not both.

Details on our architecture.


  1. Link your AWS and New Relic accounts with an API type AWS integration

  2. Choose to use either the legacy CloudWatch method or send logs directly to New Relic using the extension:

Thanks for reaching out!


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