Lambda instrumentation cannot be enabled

Hi team,

I have been trying to get lambda instrumentation working for some of my lambda functions that we use in our AWS account.

We have already integrated AWS with new relic and have subaccounts created for our environments. Lambda integrations have already been enabled as well.

For lambda instrumentation , I had to do each step manually as we cannot have CLI installed due to security restrictions in our environment.

I have done the following steps:

1 . Created Newrelic-log-ingestion lambda and newrelic lambda role, also added the LICENCE_KEY and LOGGING_ENABLED variables to it.
2 . Manually Added layer to one of the lambda that matches runtime and region ad updated functions handler to point to new layer. Also added env variables NEW_RELIC_ACCOUNT_ID and NEW_RELIC_LAMBDA_HANDLER.
3. Added trigger to cloudwatch for the lambda .

By doing these steps , I got instrumentation working for the lambda that I was working on.

I tried doing the steps 2 and 3 again for another 2 lambdas in our environment , however lambda instrumentation cannot be enabled for these lambdas for some reason. Is there anything else that I need to do to enable ? I have tried multiple times and same result.


Hi @Janesh.Janesh,

Thanks for posting your question here on Explorers Hub! Also, thanks for your patience as it took us longer than usual to reply.

The Lambda instrumentation steps can certainly be challenging depending on the language of the function. Which language worked and which language(s) didn’t work?

Did you follow the manual steps here to add our layer? For Node.js and Python it is pretty easy, but .NET, Java, and Go get more involved.

Did you then subscribe each function to the newrelic-log-ingestion function in CloudWatch? Here are the details on how to do that manually.

Looking forward to hearing back!

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