Lambda instrumentation is not showing RDS spans

We have a serverless architecture in place on AWS. We wanted to enable distributed tracing on it, and so instrumented our lambda functions. Also, cloudFront, RDS, etc are instrumented too. But when I check trace for distributed tracing of any lambda function, it does not show the trace for the RDS instances.

Also, we can’t find the option for service maps after lambda instrumentation.


Can you try setting the NEW_RELIC_RECORD_SQL environment variable to “obfuscated” in your function? Some New Relic agents disable SQL tracing by default. Setting this environment variable should enable automatic tracing of your SQL queries.


I tried adding the environment variable to my lambda and also triggered a few functions after that to see if the RDS spans are visible. But I still can’t see the spans.

Thanks for the update @anirudh.duggal. Can you advise what Runtime you’re using and that we we can try and follow up on this further for you?

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Hey @nmcnamara

We are using nodejs 12.x as our runtime

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Hi @anirudh.duggal, I can see you had this issue resolved through our support team. I’ll close this topic off now unless you have any other questions.

@nmcnamara Why do you feel that this is resolved? You asked my runtime, I told it to you and was waiting for a follow up!

I am still stuck at the same point, although we’ve made some progress. It seems that we can see the spans on a separate serverless application but not on this one. Can you advise why?

Apologies @anirudh.duggal, I saw that you had opened a support ticket for this very reason and assumed. I realise now that this is not the case. Let me reach out to one of our support engineers to take a look into this for you.

Are there differences between the serverless apps that might explain why one is tracing SQL queries and the other is not? How were these serverless apps deployed?

Have you set the NEW_RELIC_DISTRIBUTED_TRACING_ENABLED environment variable to “true” for the functions that aren’t creating spans?

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Hello, @mlavers I have set up NEW_RELIC_DISTRIBUTED_TRACING_ENABLED as true in my lambda env variable but still haven’t get RDS tracing.

Hello, @mlavers can you please look into the issue that we are facing as this one became a priority now for our team to deliver.