Laravel queue workers


We are using New Relic APM and our application sends out Custom Events, some of these events are triggered on instances not running php-fpm, instead they’re primarily command-line based.

We are using Laravel Queues to manage data, one of these queues send an event, lets call it “NewRelicEvent1”, if we manually trigger this event in Laravel Artisan, we can see this when we query our data.

Unfortunately when the event is triggered through an automated queue, it does not appear in New Relic, and the agent logs show no errors.

Is there any solution to this? We found documents from 2016 suggesting New Relic added a laravel_queue feature flag, but can find nothing else after that to suggest what might have been done.

Is it possible to get any kind of help on this please? Especially the feature_flag laravel_queues that has only briefly been mentioned on the New Relic website a few years back, we’re struggling to get APM to pick up reliably and monitor any queue workers.

Just to update, we’re unable to get APM to monitor our queues at all, it started working for a handful of days this week, then it suddenly stopped with no explanation.

Any guidance? 4 days I’ve had this ticket open and it’s disappointing to see not even one response.

Hi, came across this when I was investigating the same thing. Our laravel queue’s were locking / running slow and newrelic wasn’t giving us any insight into ‘php artisan queue:work’ processes

Weird - I ran it manually (not under supervisord) and got some tracing ( like php artisan queue:work -vvv )

Lack of tracking into newrelic was Laravel’s event’s / notifications queued handling