Latency for alert to be triggered

Let’s say there is an alert to be triggered based on a metric in 5 minutes, and data coming into New Relic in last five minutes should trigger the alert. how long will it take between New Relic receives all the data and send out the alert?

Hey @robert.cui1 -

@hwilkalis Went into a great amount of detail on the timeline for incidents here:

I’d recommend reading that to add some clarity to your question :smiley:

Hi, @robert.cui1: I think when you say “alert”, you mean “notification” in New Relic parlance: How long after an alert incident begins will New Relic send notifications?

I don’t think we have a documented SLA for latency. In general, notifications should go out within a minute of the beginning or end of an incident, but that is not guaranteed.

If you are seeing a long delay between the beginning or end of an incident and the sending of notifications, please feel free to let us know.

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