Latest Chrome Versions for Synthetic Monitoring

You got it @matheus.nishida-ext - I will update you as soon as I hear more.

+1 a more recent chromedriver version is definitely needed, Version 72.0 is three years old by now

Hello all!

We have heard back from the product teams that they are actively working on this and we should have an update next week. I appreciate everyone’s patience and your advocacy for this!

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How long is a week in NewRelic time? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Good point @Virgil.Palanciuc - and even more sorry for the extra time waiting. I was out last week. This is currently in limited beta release with a handful of customers and we hope to make it generally available in the next couple of months.

@hross “couple of months” is quite a long time, how can we get on the beta release earlier?

Hello @grzegorz.tanczyk - It’s in “limited” beta right now. That essentially means that beta participation is limited to a few invited customers. When/if a public beta is available, I will let you know!

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Keen for this as well.

Some of our Synthetic monitoring endpoints cover finance sites and even these notoriously slow-to-update pages reject the monitor outright because it uses such an old browser version.

We also use the spectrum, from basic pings, simple browser visits to complex scripted browser journeys leveraging secure credentials. Thanks to existing API support, these are spun out in large numbers.

So having some of them fail for absolutely no good reason is a tricky conversation to have with clients.

Excellent examples @Rishav_old! I’ll make sure the team sees your thoughts as well.


Any update on when this update will be released?

The latest Synthetics update came in April - bringing with it Chrome version 100. Alongside that we upgraded to WebDriver v4.1, and Node v16.

When you create a new monitor you should see the runtime version as a selectable option:

See more here:

… Unless they’re created via (even the latest) Terraform provider, per this thread : /

Any word on progress towards the big Synthetics GraphQL Milestone ( milestone?

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