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Happy Monday Ya’ll!

Over the weekend these busy :honeybee: s kept racking up the activity. Please welcome our next five Explorers Hub Scholars:


Badges and an email for claiming your swag are heading your way shortly. Congratulations!


Hahaha, another like to add to the pot :smiley:


Always the over-achiever @stefan_garnham! You are the best!

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Hello again Explorers! Let’s all congratulate the next three folks who have earned their Explorers Hub Scholar badge:


Remember - you have all month to read 25 topics and share the love with five likes. There’s lots to learn here in the community, so take advantage and get some new swag!


February keeps rolling on, and we keep handing out new Explorers Hub Scholar badges! We’re thrilled to add two more folks to mix today, bringing our grand total to 17 people who have read 25 topics and liked five posts. Let’s all thank these folks for being a big part of our community:


Swag emails and badges are heading your way shortly. There’s a lot of February left, so I can’t wait to see who’s next! Perhaps it will be one of these folks, who are getting very close:



It’s Thursday, and that means we’re one week into this month’s challenge. We’re rounding it out today with 2 more community members:


Thanks to you both for taking the time to explore New Relic with us and show your appreciation for the content that helps you most. Swag emails and badges are on their way to you! Who’s next? Maybe one of these fine people:


You all have at least 19 topics read, so you’re only a visit or two away from meeting the 25 topic goal. If you want to know how many likes you have given, head on over to your profile:

Can’t wait to see you all with your shiny new badges!


Happy Friday ya’ll! It’s the end of the work week and we’re excited to add three more Explorers into our Explorers Hub Scholars club. Congratulations to these three:


@LAMBERT and @AndrewWalker get extra high fives :raised_hands: for going the extra mile and actually helping out some other Explorers with NRQL queries. Well played!

Who will be next?

  • @fiserv - you have all the likes you need. Find a few more interesting topics to peruse (see the top of this thread) and you are THERE.
  • @Splintor - you also have all the likes you need. As a former Relic, I am sure there are a few topics out there that could use your expertise!
  • @daan1, @Milen.Palavrov, @j.martinez - You three have read all the topics you need. Did you find something helpful? Give it a like!

It’s a new week, and we have another couple of :star2: superstars to congratulate for earning their Explorers Hub Scholars badge:


Congrats on crossing the line today! You bring our total up to 24 people who have read 25 topics and shown the love by giving out five :heart:s. Keep an eye out for an email to claim your free swag and the award of your shiny new badge shortly!

We know that it’s hard to track your progress on this one, so here are a few people who are nearing the finish line:

  • @SuperJoachim - you have just 6 more topics to read! Looks like you are an Infrastructure user. Have you seen the Infrastructure Level Up category? Lots of good stuff!
  • @jasperclarence.franc - welcome to the Explorers Hub! You’ve been reading a ton! You’re just a few topics away from hitting the magic 25. Found anything useful? Mark the post with a heart 5 times and you’ll be there too!
  • @jbiggley - you’ve been on a liking spree (we love it when you love stuff!) 10 more topics and you’ve got your badge!

Congratulations to the Explorer who is really living up to his user name:


You are now an official Explorers Hub Scholar! An email with more information is coming your way, so keep your :eyes: peeled.

Who will be next? Our money is is on these folks, who are getting awfully close!

  • @cassidyziech - you have all the likes you need, and 14 topics to read. Have you checked out these Level Up posts for APM?
  • @g.sironi - you also have liked more than 5 posts this month, so thanks! You’ll just need to read a few more things to met that part of the goal.

Thanks to everyone who has been taking the challenge to heart (see what I did there?). We are so grateful we get to work with all of you!


Hiya, I got certified before I knew about the Explorer Hub, am I still eligible for a shiny “certified pro” title/badge?

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Hey there @ceedubs ! You bet, and welcome! When did you get certified? We haven’t sent out the emails for anyone who was certified in February yet, but those will be coming in early March.

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Happy Valentines Day :heart_eyes:! I’ve never quite understood Valentine’s Day, but I am more than happy to have an excuse to tell all our customers how much we appreciate you!

And speaking of appreciating people, let’s all take a moment to appreciate our three newest Explorers Hub Scholars!


Congrats to you all! I hope you’ve all learned something useful and made someone’s day with your :heart:s! Keep an eye out for an email about how to claim your goodies, and keep on reading…


Hey @hross Happy Valentines day to you too. and thanks for the recognition again :slight_smile:

Hiya, thanks for the swift reply. I got my certificate on the 17th of Jan :slight_smile:

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@ceedubs - AWESOME! And congrats! I will send you an email to get some details. Keep your :eyes: peeled!


Wow, Explorers! You all have been BUSY this week! I am thrilled to see so many new community friends join the ranks of Explorers Hub Scholar. With these shiny new faces, we’re up to 35 people who have read 25 topics and liked 5 posts:


Congratulations to you all, and keep an eye out for an email from us with next steps to claim your prize.

And of course, there are nearly 2 weeks left in February, so there’s still time get in on the action. Here are a few Relics who are just a few topics and a few likes away from victory:


Thanks again everyone!


Happy Fri-Yay! Which is appropriate because we should all give a big YAY to:


for earning the Explorers Hub Scholar badge today! What a great way to start the weekend!

Speaking of weekends, we have a holiday here in the US on Monday, so we’ll be back atcha on Tuesday with more updates. Until then, keep reading and liking!


Happy Tuesday, and welcome back if you, like me, had the extreme good fortune of a long weekend. It was very exciting to come back and find out that five more of you have joined the ranks of Explorers Hub Scholars. Congratulations to our friends:


It’s not a leap year, so we only have 8 days left in February for the challenge, but I know that each of these folks can make it happen:

  • @wmmclaughlin and @jeremy.stern - you two have all the likes you need and are just a few topics away from victory!

  • @peter.ralston, @adrian.stratiencom and @vr00n - a couple more likes and a few more topics each will get you across the finish line!

Many thanks to everyone who has been playing along this month We’re excited to be able to recognize the importance of learning in the community and all the great members who make it happen.

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Hello Explorers! Your New Relic community team lives in Portland, Oregon, where we are currently experiencing several inches of snow :snowman2: . For many of you, that won’t seem like much, but for us, it means school closures and no driving!

Even though we are seriously cold, watching the progress of this campaign is keeping our :heart:s warm! Thanks for making this so much fun. And thank you to our latest Explorers Hub Scholar:


Be on the look our for an email from is and congrats on making the grade!

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Just under one week left in February, and you all are still showing up every day to learn and recognize one another. I’m very excited to welcome 2 new Explorers to the Explorers Hub Scholar team:


They have joined the ranks of individuals who have read 25 topics and liked 5 posts this month, which is pretty amazing! Be on the lookout for an email from us to claim your thank you gift!

And there continues to be a long list of people that are getting VERY close. Each of these folks has read 23 topics:


All you folks need to do is go back and show some appreciation for the posts that helped you, and you’ll be the next to join the club!