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Hiya, thanks for the swift reply. I got my certificate on the 17th of Jan :slight_smile:

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@ceedubs - AWESOME! And congrats! I will send you an email to get some details. Keep your :eyes: peeled!


Wow, Explorers! You all have been BUSY this week! I am thrilled to see so many new community friends join the ranks of Explorers Hub Scholar. With these shiny new faces, we’re up to 35 people who have read 25 topics and liked 5 posts:


Congratulations to you all, and keep an eye out for an email from us with next steps to claim your prize.

And of course, there are nearly 2 weeks left in February, so there’s still time get in on the action. Here are a few Relics who are just a few topics and a few likes away from victory:


Thanks again everyone!


Happy Fri-Yay! Which is appropriate because we should all give a big YAY to:


for earning the Explorers Hub Scholar badge today! What a great way to start the weekend!

Speaking of weekends, we have a holiday here in the US on Monday, so we’ll be back atcha on Tuesday with more updates. Until then, keep reading and liking!


Happy Tuesday, and welcome back if you, like me, had the extreme good fortune of a long weekend. It was very exciting to come back and find out that five more of you have joined the ranks of Explorers Hub Scholars. Congratulations to our friends:


It’s not a leap year, so we only have 8 days left in February for the challenge, but I know that each of these folks can make it happen:

  • @wmmclaughlin and @jeremy.stern - you two have all the likes you need and are just a few topics away from victory!

  • @peter.ralston, @adrian.stratiencom and @vr00n - a couple more likes and a few more topics each will get you across the finish line!

Many thanks to everyone who has been playing along this month We’re excited to be able to recognize the importance of learning in the community and all the great members who make it happen.

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Hello Explorers! Your New Relic community team lives in Portland, Oregon, where we are currently experiencing several inches of snow :snowman2: . For many of you, that won’t seem like much, but for us, it means school closures and no driving!

Even though we are seriously cold, watching the progress of this campaign is keeping our :heart:s warm! Thanks for making this so much fun. And thank you to our latest Explorers Hub Scholar:


Be on the look our for an email from is and congrats on making the grade!

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Just under one week left in February, and you all are still showing up every day to learn and recognize one another. I’m very excited to welcome 2 new Explorers to the Explorers Hub Scholar team:


They have joined the ranks of individuals who have read 25 topics and liked 5 posts this month, which is pretty amazing! Be on the lookout for an email from us to claim your thank you gift!

And there continues to be a long list of people that are getting VERY close. Each of these folks has read 23 topics:


All you folks need to do is go back and show some appreciation for the posts that helped you, and you’ll be the next to join the club!


Well. You folks have been busy this week! We get to end this one in grand fashion, with four new Explorer Hub Scholars. Let’s all take one step closer to earning our badge by giving these four fine folks a :heart: on this post!


You four bring our grand total to 48 new scholars this month. Thank you all for taking the time to look around and appreciate one another.

It’s the last day of THIS work week for us, but we’ll be back on Monday for 3 final days to make that badge happen. So many of you are so close! Here is a long list of people who have read 25 topics or more, and just need to hand out some, or some more, likes:


An in case you’re wondering how to track how many likes you have, there’s a handy reminder in this post. You can like it if it’s helpful! :wink:

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Monday morning really snuck up on my this week! Luckily, our unofficial company motto is “Love your Mondays,” and I really do. Especially when it means that I get to congratulate new Explorer Hub Scholars like:


That brings our grand total up to 49. It’s been so much fun watching you all participate, and I can see that many of you have also been extra helpful in not just reading, but answering topics as well. That’s what this place is all about and I am lucky to get to work with such a generous group of folks.

There are two days left in this challenge, and I would love to see these two join the ranks:


Ya’ll are just one like away from the badge and swag, and I’m certain there’s something out there that you can appreciate!

Hi @hross!

I just joined a few days ago and am impressed by the great content (especially about NR Insights, which I love!) and the challenge! :smile:

Hope I’m not too late to finish it and get my badge! :smiley:


Same here! I really like how engaged the user community is. I have used New Relic for years (different companies), but I have never really taken a look at this site.


Thanks so much you two- I’m really glad that this space has been useful for you, and I hope we will see you here for a long time! Also - congratulations are in order because you both earned your badge today,


That makes 51 scholars this month, which is a record-breaker for us! Your email with information about getting your swag is on its way and you’ll see a bright shiny new badge on your profile shortly.

There’s still today and tomorrow to get keep reading and liking, so we’ll be back a couple more times with updates. Keep it up everyone!


Excited to join this really awesome community guys! :slight_smile:


Hey @hross

Just joined the community a couple of days ago. Am I too late to catch some of that sweet data nerd swag :smiley:

Really loving this forum btw. A lot of really interesting information, looking forward to discovering even more awesome features. Currently working though the New Relic University courses which are also awesome.

Very happy to see a thriving community, looking forward to getting involved more!


Decided to have a prod at this during lunch. Surprised (happily) to see the documentation has grown amazingly since I last looked (a long long time ago!).

I think I’ve read about 38 articles today and liked at least 5, might flick through a few more during the afternoon and maybe apply some in practice!

Thanks NR for the amazing learning resources!


This is it! The last day of February, and the last day to earn your scholar badge and swag! @joe_w, @AshleyP, and @jan.jones, you are not too late at all! AND… You already joined the ranks of Explorers Hub Scholars! Nice work! Here’s the full list of fine folks who got there today:


Anything you do on the site through the rest of today STILL COUNTS, so keep reading and liking folks. Especially these three:


Ya’ll are just ONE LIKE away from earning the title!


Thanks @hross. I really like this engagement strategy. Keeps me engaged and coming to the site to search for new approaches to using new features. So important in this day and age of attention economy.



Hey everyone! As our February Learn Campaign wraps up, I wanted to share some really special content for you all to go read, like and comment on! Hurry! As @hross mentioned above: It’s not too late to earn your special swag and custom title.

The links below will take you to threads in the community that were created and curated by our amazing Community Members! There is always room in the community for additions like these, so share your ideas and solutions with us often!

Learn from your fellow Explorers:

Useful Insights NRQL Query Library

Customer Solution: New Relic Alerts Configurator

Deployment Marker Example Using Power Shell Script

These are just a few examples! When you see other Explorers helping out in the community this way, please be sure to show em some :heart:!

Big thanks @stefan_garnham, @michal.kasza and @MKhanna for holding the standard high!


Thanks for the awesome socks, envy of the office :slight_smile:
I haven’t really been keeping track, but have I read enough to qualify for the Scholar badge and mystery swag?


Whelp, that’s it! March is officially here, which means our month-long challenge is at an end. But, we get to roll out the red carpet and confetti :confetti_ball: one more time to congratulate our last three Explorers Hub Scholars:


You three bring our monthly total up to 60 scholars, which is a lovely round number. And who doesn’t appreciate that? Badges and emails will be on their way to you soon, and I hope that everyone that participated this month feels like the had the chance to learn something new.

THANK YOU to all the folks who made this thread, and this month, so much fun for your community team!