Learn some stuff, Earn some stuff!

Hello Explorers :wave:t3:

The Explorers Hub is the place to come with all your New Relic questions, but it’s more than that! Here we have tons of best practice guides, expert advice and quick tip videos all designed to make you a New Relic expert.

We want to encourage you to explore some of these resources, so from now until June 23rd we’re offering prizes for reading, liking and showing up. Here’s how it works.

To earn a sticker pack and a tote bag:

  • Earn a global frequent flyer badge :global_frequent_flyer: by visiting the Explorers Hub 10+ times
  • Earn a global scholar badge :global_scholar: by reading 100+ topics
  • Earn a global enthusiast badge :global_enthusiast: by giving 25+ likes

Or set your sights a little higher and receive a notebook and a pin:

  • Earn an intergalactic frequent flyer badge :intergalactic_frequent_flyer: by visiting the Explorers Hub 15+ times
  • Earn an intergalactic scholar badge :intergalactic_scholar: by reading 150+ topics
  • Earn an intergalactic enthusiast badge :intergalactic_enthusiast: by giving 50+ likes

What you read & what you like in the Explorers Hub is entirely up to you, but if you’re looking for some inspiration we’ve got you covered! Check out the following resources to get you kickstarted on your journey to becoming a Scholar, an Enthusiast, and a Frequent Flyer!

Just read, like and visit to earn some swag!


Hello Ryan :slight_smile: I did earn my badges, but how am I getting my swags? :slight_smile: There is no better incentive for DevOps guy than swag :wink:


Hey @izeiger

Check out your Profile’s Badges page to see which ones you have: https://discuss.newrelic.com/u/izeiger/badges

I see you have got Intergalactic Enthusiast… though I don’t see the Global / Intergalactic Scholar badge, nor do I see the Global / Intergalactic Frequent Flyer.

Keep on reading and keep on coming back to the Explorers hub! There’s plenty of time left before June 23rd.

As for getting the swag prize - once we wrap this up on June 23rd, we’ll take a few days to collect information on who has qualified & for which level they have qualified. Shortly after that we’ll reach out to those people with a form to fill in, allowing us to collect shipping information.


The Learn Some Stuff, Earn Some Stuff campaign has now come to a close!

We’ll be in touch with everyone eligible for a prize soon, so keep an eye on your inbox.

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