Legacy New Relic web hooks


I am asking for the Zulip developers to learn whether the old / legacy New Relic web hooks are still accessible to anyone (e.g. existing customers) or whether everyone was migrated to the new New Relic Alert web hooks (cf. New Relic documentation, OpsGenie documentation).

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See-also: https://chat.zulip.org/#narrow/stream/31-production-help/topic/New.20Relic

Hi @dschridde, would you be able to provide an example of one of the Legacy web hooks you’re referring to? Just so we can have something to reference?

Zulip developer Hemanth V. Alluri responded to your question:


alert = {
    "created_at": "2013-07-23T20:14:15+00:00",
    "application_name": "Application name",
    "account_name": "Account name",
    "severity": "critical",
    "message": "Apdex score fell below critical level of 0.90",
    "short_description": "[application name] alert opened",
    "long_description": "Alert opened on [application name]: Apdex score fell below critical level of 0.90",
    "alert_url": "https://rpm.newrelc.com/accounts/[account_id]/applications/[application_id]/incidents/[incident_id]"


deployment = {
    "created_at": "2013-07-23T20:14:25Z",
    "deployed_by": "Zulip Test",
    "revision": "1242",
    "description": "Description sent via curl",
    "application_name": "Test App",
    "account_name": "Zulip Test",
    "changelog": "Changelog string",
    "deployment_url": "https://rpm.newrelic.com/accounts/382116/applications/2135922/deployments/679885"

The legacy web hooks are referring to the ones discussed in this blog post. https://blog.newrelic.com/product-news/using-webhooks-to-get-real-time-information-about-your-application/

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Are they still supported? I.e. does New Relic still call webhooks in this manner?

@dschridde I have followed up with our team and they have advised that this web hook is not supported anymore. They suggested that you use this instead:


In that case it seems safe to remove support for parsing this (old) web hook’s payload from Zulip. I’ll pass on that information. Thank you a lot for investigating!