Legacy Plan Transition Billing Questions


I wanted to ask about the transition of our billing on our Account 417085 from the legacy model “Infrastructure Essentials” to these new Data/User plans. Our last invoice and payment was in Nov 2020.

Would someone see if this transition was done without our intervention? No one on the team seems to recall making this change on the UI?

In terms of billing, it seems when our account was switched to New Relic One, it retained the users. We have just adjusted all of them to become “basic”. Is this all we need to do to be under the “free” tier?

Finally, would someone tell us how we can remove our “expired” cc information on this account?


Hi there @ws-engineering -

We did make the transition from Legacy “Lite” accounts to our new user model automatically earlier this year:

In addition to this post, we did send several emails to account owners - and I’m sorry if this caught you by surprise. If you have adjusted your users - you are all set and need not do anything else.

As for your CC information - I can open a ticket with our billing team and have them give you a hand with that. Be on the lookout for an email.

Please let me know if you need anything else.


In staying with the billing topic, we wanted to ask why we are still seeing 5 billable users. I have just deleted a user (REDACTED) while removing roles associated with another (REDACTED).

We would like to clean this us before we initiate the user model migration.

I cannot seem to find any billing docs associated with the original user model that could assist me in this.

Could it be that some users have product roles thus being listed a “billable” user?

Please advise,
Jason K

Hi there @ws-engineering -

Users are evaluated on a periodic basis, so you will likely need to just wait a bit to see the full scope of your user changes. Can you check back in with me tomorrow if this has not successfully updated?

Hello hross,

Just wanted to circle back on this matter.

As it currently stands we still see three (3) billable user on our plans. We’ve deleted all but one user in the account but cannot understand why the billing still states 3 billable users. When use a new NR account with the single user, I do not have this billable user issue. I just cannot see where these billable users are being pulled from.

Account 457350 - CUMC Web Services - Lite

Please advise.

Hi @ws-engineering,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. To get this sorted I have notified the billing team to reach out to you. Please expect an email from them shortly.

@hross @tpaul1 Hello, We are facing a similar issue for our legacy NewRelic account 1554587. As our data usage increased beyond 100GB free limit we thought of going with pay-as-you-go on the free tier. We converted a few existing Full users to basic as the accounts were not used and added credit cards on record. I understand the cost prediction takes some time to reflect, even after a couple of days I see the estimated user cost includes 6 full users. However we actually have 2. We noticed under the users page some users are marked as Basic †. How we can get this updated in such a way to get charged only for actual Full users. Appreciate your advise. Thank you

Hi @james.george ,

So glad to see your first post in the community space, hoping we can be help your with all your support needs.

From my understanding of the issue, you are seeing 6 users for billing, after you reverted some Full Users back to Basic Users. I found the following Documentation which highlights that users are billed on a monthly basis. For example if I was changed from a Full User to Basic on April 14th, I would still be apart of the billing for Full users for that billing month.

Can you confirm when the users role/type was changed? Should you wish I can create a case the Billing team to assist you with this.

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@dcody Hi, Thank you for your response. As far as I understand we were on legacy free plan earlier and full users were not charged. We upgraded our account on March 11, after data usage exceeded 100GB. Upon opening the user page it was prompted to enter card details, hence we couldn’t see or update users. It would be of great help if you could create a case with the billing team. Thank you

Hi @james.george,

Thank you for the clarification, it will be very helpful for the Billing team to have these details.

I have created a case on your behalf with the Billing team, they will reach out soon through email.

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