Less verbose logging from New Relic agent

I am using New Relic Infrastructure Agent 1.14.2 on Ubuntu 20.04

I am hoping to use a the same logging config file across all of my servers. Not all of the same files exist on each server however so most of the data in syslog is filling up from the New Relic Agent with things like this

Jan 21 17:53:47 dev newrelic-infra-service[6378]: time="2021-01-21T17:53:47-06:00" level=error msg="[input:tail:tail.2] read error, check permissions: /path/to/log/file/that/does/not/exist/on/this/server.log" component=integrations.Supervisor output=stderr process=log-forwarder

Is there any way to disable these types of messages from getting written?

Hello @00c3a3cdbbe71f389aeb,

You may need to reduce the logging level on your infra agent config.

Return your settings to default:

  1. Disable verbose logging by setting verbose: 0 in newrelic-infra.yml .
  2. Optional: Disable logging to a custom file by removing the log_file line from newrelic-infra.yml .
  3. Restart the agent so the agent notices the new settings.