Level Up: How to monitor Postman API metrics in New Relic

Introducing the Postman and New Relic integration

API developers and DevOps engineers can now send Postman API and infrastructure metrics to New Relic for instant observability into critical metrics such as latency, request counts, and error rates in context with all their telemetry data.

To make it even easier to view your API data, we’ve also created a new quickstart in New Relic Instant Observability (I/O) that will help you get up and running in minutes with a pre-built dashboard. Learn how you can set up the new Postman integration and send Postman monitor results to New Relic.

How to send real-time API metrics from Postman to New Relic

To start monitoring your API performance and visualize results from Postman monitors in New Relic, watch the following video or follow the steps listed after the video.

  1. Set up your accounts. You need to have New Relic and Postman accounts to use the integration. If you aren’t already using New Relic One, get a free account. (2 minutes)

  2. Retrieve your New Relic API key. Go to your API keys in New Relic. Select the three dots next to the INGEST - LICENSE key and select Copy key to save it for later. (1 minute)

  3. Enable the integration in Postman. From Integrations, search for New Relic. There are two integrations available. Select the option labeled Bring Postman monitor results into New Relic and add the integration by using the API key from step 2. Follow the steps in the Configure New Relic Integration documentation. (5 minutes)

  4. Visualize data with the quickstart. After you’ve enabled Postman metrics to flow to New Relic One, install the quickstart to get a curated dashboard. Go to the Postman quickstart in New Relic I/O, select the + Install quickstart button, and follow the guided installation process. (5 minutes)

After you are finished, you automatically get a curated dashboard where you can see key API metrics from your Postman monitors