License Key Rotation best practices without disrupting services using old key


We need to rotate our license keys but not have any disruption in our services. We have multiple services and they need to be updated one at a time. Can we create a new license key in the key management UI and update our services one at a time to use the new key? Then, after all services have been updated, delete the old key? The old key still needs to work until all services are updated.

Are there any best practice guides for this type of key rotation?

Thank you!

Hi @tunguyen :wave:! Allow me to explain - you can’t manage or delete the original license key that was created when your account was created, you will need to contact New Relic Support to action this. However, users can create and manage their own keys within their accounts - no support agent necessary for this.

Our New Relic Docs are a valuable source of information for all things New Relic related. You can find information on API Keys within NR in these two DOCs:

New Relic API keys | New Relic Documentation

NerdGraph tutorial: Manage license keys and user keys | New Relic Documentation

I will go ahead and create a case on your behalf, one of our support agents will be in touch soon to assist you with arranging the rotation, and answer any questions you may have! Thank you!