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We are seeing channel limit of 1000 reach while trying to create new notification channels of type EMAIL for alerts.

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We need to know if this can be exceeded. I understand New Relic has defined this limit as per this page . However, is there a way to increase it? Do we need an update license or any other changes in the subscription?

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Hi @siddhant.agarwal -

There is no way to update the limit on the notification channels per account, per channel type.

An option you do have is to tie your user notification channels to policies.

User Notification Channels get both email alerts and mobile push notifications (If they have set that up).

There is no limit to the number of user channels in your account.

It would be worth evaluating which of your email channels are duplicated by user channels, and removing those from the email channel list to free up that space in the 1000 limit.

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I see that the users have created a lot of duplicate channels with the same value and name. Doesn’t New Relic restrict this? It should be restricted in my opinion by New Relic if both the name and the value are the same. Or even with the exact same value but a different name it should be restricted.
Do we have a way to clean-up duplicate channels? I mean the channels that have the exact same values and alter the polices accordingly? May be a script or something that can help in this regard.

The use of User channels is certainly an option but we might have to think about significant design change for this and may block out project till this is resolved.

Hey @siddhant.agarwal -

There is no existing script for that - but you could certainly automate it with the Alerts APIs;

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