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Limited amount of historical data


I am trying to look at metrics going back 12 months but we only appear to be able to see data going back four weeks?


Hi @mark.austin - The most common cause is that your account doesn’t have a data retention period specified and you are on the default data retention.

The documentation on Insights data retention can help you identify your period.


@mark.austin - I am seeing up to 3 months of APM data in your account - that is the maximum amount.

Insights could have more - however I see that you have an Insights Free Subscription - which doesn’t allow for a long retention period in Insights.

You could try a query like below to see where your data drops off in terms of historical retention.

SELECT count(*) From ErrorTrace, InfrastructureEvent, NetworkSample, NrDailyUsage, PageView, ProcessSample, SqlTrace, StorageSample, SyntheticCheck, SyntheticRequest, SystemSample, Transaction, TransactionTrace SINCE 12 months ago facet eventType() timeseries 

Let me know if you’d like me to get you in touch with your account rep - they’ll be able to talk to you about extending that retention period.