Linked Account not accessible in NR One

we have a main account (2119482) with data residency in the US and a linked account with data residency in the EU (2364232). Sometime this week we got migrated to the New Relic One dashboard, and can seemingly only access the primary (US) account data. I see no way to add data from the EU account or to switch the dashboards context to the EU. Trying to go through Account Settings and the Switch Account option still available in the old UI there doesn’t help.

Going to the dashboards support, selecting “I need more help” also only lists the US account in the account selection.

Could it be that the linked account is not visible to New Relic One for some reason? How can I access the EU APM data?

I’ve tried contacting our account manager about this, however his email bounced hard with an SMTP status code of 550, so I’m guessing he’s no longer in the company. How can I find out who our current account manager is?


Hi @sven.riedel

I’m going to send you a private message regarding your account manager. I’ll send you their email address for you to get in touch :slight_smile:

As for EU vs US - these different datacenters remain separate in the UI.

You can access US at:
You can access EU at:

Thanks for the feedback on this though, I’m going to share that with the team, that it’s unclear in the UI how to view data from the different data regions.

Hi Ryan,
thanks for clearing that up, accessing our EU data works with the correct URL.

Having some way to switch between the datacenters through the navigation would be great, but manually editing the URL is fine for now. The new navigation layout in general does feel like a step back compared to the old layout and styling.

Btw, is a migration of account data possible nowadays between the US and EU datacenteres without losing the history? When we first explored this issue about one and a half years ago, it was said that account migration per se was possible but that we’d lose all historical data in the process.

Thanks again,

Hi Sven!

Thanks for using the separate URLs until a better switching mechanism is in place.

Thanks also for the feedback that the new layout feels like a step back for you. I’d love to explore that some more to see if we can help you find things or just navigate a little easier. Please do send me a DM with any thoughts / feedback you have :slight_smile:

As for migrating between DCs, this is not yet possible while retaining historical data. You can update all license keys in your apps/hosts, to point to the account in the DC you wish to use, but this will not bring historical data with it. On this one, I’ll make sure your desire for this is heard internally!