Linux cron job monitoring in New Relic

Neew to monitor cron job using newerelic

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For monitoring corn job using New Relic, I would suggest having a look at this post. Our very on @omccolgan has a very extensive reply on how to achieve this.

I hope this proved helpful, should you have any additional questions please do reach out!

Hi Dcody ,

Thanks for reply, Seems that link and details about insight , can there be any detailed way we can achieve this on NEWRELIC ONE as there are different references from insights and newrelic one.

Mounika Undi

Hi, @lakshmi.mounika.undi: There are no built-in alert conditions or dashboards for monitoring cron jobs. You will have use custom events and NRQL alert conditions, as @dcody recommended.

Hi Philweber,

Do we have any Newrelic one POST URL for events , dcody mentioned insights URL we were able to post but not able to see event data across NR console.

You may find this document helpful: Introduction to the Event API | New Relic Documentation. The endpoint for the event API is still

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