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List of Dashboarding requests we recently shared with NR



I recently created a list of enhancements that we would like related to NR Dashboarding. These were shared with our account, but I thought I might repost them here for any discussion. I have not looked to see if any portion of these have been listed prior so forgive me if any of them are redundant. There is no order of importance.

Cross account dashboarding
Ability combine metrics from more than one account on the same widget. While it is possible to add separate widgets to a dashboard from more than one New Relic account it is not possible to combine accounts on a widget. Not having this feature reduces our ability to effectively visualize and correlate data from related applications that reside in separate New Relic accounts.

Timeseries line correlations
This is simple mouse-over graphics that show point in time on all chart widgets in the dashboard view. This line is relative so that charts visualized with different time periods all correlate correctly. We use this kind of feature in other areas of New Relic and other vendor products to help quickly correlate metrics when they are not on the same chart.

Control of color
We would like to be able to control the color of metrics in charts. This could mean using color pallets for dynamically generated charts or specific colors like RED and Orange fixed to metrics like Errors.

Control of line type
Being able to set line type such as thickness and solid vs dotted or dashed can significantly improve how quickly charts can be read and understood.

More chart styles! (many more)
Different chart styles like 3d views, bars, donuts etc would help make NR dashboards more interesting and effective.

The ability to JOIN in NRQL.
NRQL is great, but when we have related event types we don’t seem to have the ability to join. If we can join much more reporting is possible.

NRQL number precision control
It would be great if we can control the precision of numbers in NRQL. Sometimes we need to see milliseconds. Sometimes seconds. Functions for more control in NRQL rather than at the account level would be helpful.

The ability to create NRQL with Subqueries
More advanced NRQL capabilities like sub queries can help with use.

The ability to overlay deployment markers on chart widgets
Many of our apps are using deployments and we find the ability to see these deployments in the APM module overplayed on charts to be very useful. We do not have the ability to generate similar charts in Insights. We would like to include and combine deployments markers on charts.

NRQL parameters
The ability to configure and use parameters within dashboards/widgets would make dashboarding more efficient. While we can set filters etc today these often fail or break on complex NRQL. An example might be using more than one parameter for AppName because your NRQL includes more than one AppName and you combine widgets from a wide variety of apps on a dashboard.

The ability to lock widgets on a dashboard to prevent their NRQL from being impacted by filters and time period changes by the user.
At the moment when a user sets a filter or adjusts the time it can negatively impact dashboards that show multiple time periods intentionally to help with understanding the app metrics.

Add a Facet modifier for “with ROLLUP” so its possible to get sub total and total type metrics.
Some functionality to show results with subtotals and total type grid layout. An example might be showing performance by city and then averages across all cities in the state.

Ability to place external web content on dashboard. Could be iframe like widget.
We sometimes source metrics or other graphics from web accessible locations and would like to place those on dashboards along with other New Relic widgets

Add viewing statistics to dashboards to help teams identify usage.
At the moment it’s not possible to know exactly how much usage a dashboard is getting. Knowing which dashboards are not being used can help with maintenance, cleanup or organizing the dashboards to raise awareness.

Ability to set chart scale type to help condense charts that spike.
Our other solutions allow us to set scale to things like logarithmic scale.

Ability to include markers on charts to visualize things like target values and ceilings for metrics.
Often when viewing charts it’s not obvious to the viewer if the chart is showing a value out of range or not. By being able to place lines or markers at specific scale locations we can help viewers quickly make judgements on the health of the metrics.

Ability to make an entire dashboard public
We have a need to place dashboards on TV screens around the offices. Many of our dashboarding solutions permit us to expose a dashboard as a link that can be accessible without credentials. We do this extensively on other solutions. This may not seem that important, but it’s a major reason we do not invest in dashboarding with New Relic and a small set of other tools.

Ability to use the api to create/modify data apps
We do have an API for dashboards, but we don’t yet have an API for dashboards in the form of the more advanced ‘Data Apps’. Data Apps provide for collections of dashboards and drill down filter capability that we find useful.

Fix the retrying in dashboards and data apps (performance issues)
Lately we have been seeing increased performance issues with New Relic that exposes its self as dashboards widgets not populating with data and graphics.

Ability to select in the agent what data goes into Insights
At the moment it would seem there is very little ability to fine tune just how much data is collected into insights from our applications. It appears we must add code to our applications to reduce the amount of data sent to insights. That is not ideal.

Ability to tag dashboards for organization
With lots of applications and dashboards organization becomes very important. At the moment there doesn’t appear to be a way to tag dashboards or filter the list of dashboards beyond name, owner and timestamps.

Raise dashboard accessibility out of the insights module for viewing.
Finding dashboards can be hard for some users. It would be nice if we could link dashboards into the APM for an app. It would also be nice if there was a dashboard modules where people could go to find dashboards in an organized way that wasn’t the insights module.

Legacy stuff in data explorer merged with NRQL
This is the need to make legacy metrics as easy to query as insights data when creating dashboards. Further the ability to combine “metrics” with Insights data on the same widget would help to correlate data. Basically, the old and new metrics types make dashboarding awkward and in some cases difficult to maintain.

Querying of alerts
We don’t seem to have the ability to query Alerts using NRQL. Being able to dashboard for a given app metrics and alert data can help visualize current and past state. Showing alerts in timeseries along side metrics can help to show correlations.

Ability to purge data from insights
We have asked for this in the past, but this feature would empower us to clean up reporting adjustments and eliminate data that is not needed to increase performance. We can drop an app from APM, but we cannot purge its data from Insights. An obvious use case might be the need to run a large performance test against an application. During and after the run the insights data is valuable. After analysis we might want to purge 50MM events.

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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.


Hi @6MM - That is a pretty comprehensive list which contains quite a few features I have also requested.


Good. That makes at least 2. :beers:


Hi @6MM Detailed and your list included few of my needs too. Great… :slight_smile: