List of unique users across all accounts

I have 11 account and a user is part of multiple accounts. is there way to pull unique user from all accounts ? Also to see if users has logged in last 7 days.

P.S - i am able to get both info for each account.

@Satya.Prakash Thank you for your patience for getting a response to your question. I’m going to tag a few of our experts in this area to see if they have any insights to provide: @philweber / @stefan_garnham / @6MM


Sorry, I don’t know of any way to do it.

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I do not know a simple way to do this either. I can only suggest using the bulk user actions to download the CSV of users for each account then manipulate the files to get the unique users.

Thank you @philweber and @stefan_garnham for your response :slight_smile: Realize that both are probably not exactly what you wanted to hear @Satya.Prakash but at least now you know what is possible.

Thank you for your response. Have been doing @stefan_garnham way.

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@Satya.Prakash Great to hear! I have marked this as resolved. Thank you :slight_smile: