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Listing subaccounts without counting events



I have the following query to determine sub account names and IDs

SELECT SUM(insightsTotalEventCount) as ‘Total Events’ FROM NrDailyUsage where insightsEventNamespace not in (‘Custom:C’,‘Custom:D’,‘Synthetics’) FACET consumingAccountId, consumingAccountName SINCE 1 days ago LIMIT 1000

Is there a simple query that will simply list the Account Names and IDs?



For just unique account names & ids, you may be able to run both of the below queries;

FROM NrDailyUsage SELECT uniques(consumingAccountName) SINCE 2 weeks ago
FROM NrDailyUsage SELECT uniques(consumingAccountId) SINCE 2 weeks ago

There’s no way to combine two uniques() functions in the one query and get a easily read output, so these will need to be run separately.

If you run combined like below, you’ll get a JSON result, rather than an easy to read list;

FROM NrDailyUsage SELECT uniques(consumingAccountName), uniques(consumingAccountId) SINCE 2 weeks ago

Results in:


Ryan. Thanks so much. This is exactly what I needed as I can process the JSON file. I am assuming that there is a one-to-one mapping, that is, account names[i] corresponds to account id[i], where i is member index.



@ep581s - In my testing, yes they are 1-1 mapped.

Here’s another example with 2 accounts - in this case the account IDs are 1-1 mapped.