Local nerdpacks failed to load error


I’m working through the programmability cert course and have run into a roadblock while building my first Nerdpack/nerdlet.

After creating the nerdpack and running nerdpack:serve, the error I’m consistently getting is:

"Local nerdpacks failed to load. You requested to load local nerdpacks for development through a query parameter, however we could not find a local server working on your machine.

Make sure you have got it working by running nr1 nerdpack:serve on your nerdpack, then reload the page. For further information, please proceed to the Development Center.

SIDs: No SIDs available"

I have tried this in different browses/dumped cache, etc. I deleted and recreated the nerdpack and made sure it was set to a profile that was using an API key associated with the NR account I was logging in with.

Any ideas?

This issue was resolved. Fixed by changing the default profile from default to the one I created. I thought this wouldn’t be necessary, as I had specified --profile $myProfile when creating the Nerdlet, but turns out that assumption was wrong.

@Brian.SRE Thank you for sharing how this issue was resolved! :slight_smile: