Locating Synthetic Alerts

Good Morning! Some time ago, there used to be an Alerts link inside of Synthetic monitors so that you could easily access all of the Alerts setup against that Synthetic script (barring NRQL query alerts). I know that link has not existed for at least several months; however, I was wondering if there were any plans to bring this feature back? Is there an easy way to find Alerts (regardless of Alert Policy) that are monitoring a specific Synthetic script?

I noticed that there is a Manage Alerts button at the top-right of the Synthetic page; however, this only links to the Alert Policies page, and does not show specific alerts.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

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Hi @larsonb7, This behavior is now expected. If you take a look at the following documentation here you will see the important note (also see the below screenshot):


This change was also mentioned in of End Of Life announcements here.

Having said that, you could use the workaround mentioned in this excellent post here -

Another workaround would be to use the REST API to GET the Synthetics alert conditions. Although, keep in mind that multi location synthetics alert conditions have a different end point -

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thanks, @zahrasiddiqa! I will play around with the APIs to see what I can come up with for solutions for our users.

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Thanks for the update @brett.larson, keep us posted!

I have run into the same kind of issue. Honestly, the new relationship between Synthetics and Alerts is a big step backwards in usability. The “status light” on a synthetic is now gray if there are no alerts set up, even if the synthetic itself is running fine. Unless the synthetic is an older one, and then it’s green even though you didn’t have to go explicitly set up an alert condition. As larsonb7 has pointed out, there’s no obvious link between a synthetic and its alert condition. A new synthetic can have “Notifications” turned on but that doesn’t actually mean anything without an alert condition, as far as I can tell. If you go and create ten new synthetics, now you have to go create ten new alert conditions. It’s kind of a mess.

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