Locked out from SSO Enabled Account

Hi guys!
Due to issues on our SSO configuration (I suspect the cert got expired) we got completely locked out form our account (666537).
The login.newrelic.com/recovery_access isn’t working for us, even trying with Admins users.
I’ve tried to contact support@newrelic.com from our admin emails, and an automated response tell us no ticket will be created through that channel. I even wasn’t able login to this discuss site, to I had to create this one with a personal email.
Can you help us disable SSO on our corporate account so we can set it back again?
Thanks in advance!!

Hey @lsantorox,

Welcome to the community!

We are terribly sorry that you are experiencing this issue with getting locked out of the account. I am going to create a case with our accounts team to help get this resolved for you. Before I proceed, do you still have access to the inbox of the original email address from the account you are trying to log in to using New Relic? The accounts team will be reaching out via email so I would like to verify that they will be able to reach you via this contact method.

I hope to hear from you soon!

hi @michaelfrederick,
We managed to solve this yesterday, so we are OK now.
The main problem was that even being owner of the account (now just an Admin) I was not able to login through login.newrelic.com/recovery_access.
I don’t know why one the guys on the team was still logged in and managed to post a ticket on support, so they disabled SSO for us, and I could log back in and configure SSO all right.
So, thanks for your response here, and we’ll follow thorough the right support path.

Hey @lsantorox,

I am glad to hear you have resolved this, thank you for letting me know.

Please reach back out here if you have more questions or need anything else. I hope you have a great day!