Log Management - Retention and Pricing

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We’ve been looking into the log management functionality of NewRelic for some time now, and we’ve noticed the recent change in the pricing model. It is great it is included in the telemetry product and will be bundled with other important tools we are already using - this will help us move forward and start using it.

What I’m missing now, though, is any information about the log retention - only about the ingest, which is not enough. I remember the old pricing used to have 3 tiers - 7 days, 15 days, and 30 days. Unfortunately, I can’t see how much is the retention for the Standard tier. Am I missing something or it is really not made clear?

NewRelic team, it will be great to make this more visible as this is a very important parameter (especially for the logs).

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Miro N.

@miron1 Thanks for your question. I’ve reached out to our sales team who’s better equipped to walk through the options with you. They will be in contact soon :slight_smile:

Thank you @JoiConverse. I had a call with NewRelic as there were more details to discuss, indeed, but I’ve also got a straight answer for my specific question, so I’ll send it over here as well.

The default data retention with NewRelic One (their new billing model) is 1 Month. It could be changed if you need to keep the data longer (for an additional cost, of course).

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