Log widget refresh on click on dashboard

I have created some Widgets from log queries and inserted them into a Dashboard, but every time I click in a log, the whole list refreshes, that log is then selected, and only by clicking on the selected log I am able to see the log’s complete details, otherwise, it refreshes again.

If I’m to work with a small listing of logs, It’s easily doable, but when there is a considerable amount of registers, this “on-click refresh” makes it really hard to find where you were.



I’d like to know if it’s a bug or a default aspect of widgets and if there is a workaround to select a log without refreshing the whole listing.

Hi @pedro.alex

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you are well.

Congrats on your first post, Whoop!

Unfortunately this seems like a potential bug however I will need to loop in the engineer team to have a look, as this isnt my usual area of expertise.

Please note the team will reach out here via the post with their findings!

If you should have any additional questions please reach out!

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Hello @dcody

Thanks for the support! :laughing:

Just a thing I’ve noticed, this situation only happens when the time is set to a default time period (e.g. “Since 7 days ago”), when is set to an interval (e.g. from May 10th to May 12th) the log selection works just fine without the refresh.

Hope this helps you to reproduce the event, and also offers an alternative for those who might come across this in the future.

Hi @pedro.alex

Thanks for this additional info here, its great to have extra insight!

Engineering will update here once they have more insights!

@pedro.alex - Can you provide a permalink to the dashboard that is refreshing? Thank you!

Sure @dkoyano!

Here you go https://onenr.io/0VwgvzrLBQJ
Should I set a specific permission for you to access it?

Hi @dkoyano

Thank you for the link, it will really give a great insight into the issue here.

You dont need to assign permissions for New Relics to view it, note only New Relics will be able to view it.

Im going to loop in the Dashboards team to have a look here, they will reach out via this post with any updates.

If you should have any updates or questions please do let us know!

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@pedro.alex do you have pop-up blocker on? It seems to do that if there is a pop up blocker otherwise it opens up a new window.

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@sduvall The “Pop-ups e redirects” option in google chrome for the " one.newrelic.com" page is set to block by default, is that what you mean by “pop-up blocker”? (My browser is in Portuguese)
I’ve managed to reproduce the event even by allowing the option.

Other than that, I have the Adblock extension, but even disabling it on the page, the Dashboard refresh still happens :confused:

Hi @pedro.alex

Thanks for reaching out with this, and for the screenshot as it provides extra clarity here.

I will loop in the engineering team here as I am not familiar with the dashboards. They will reach out via this post with any updates.


I see you are working with @sduvall So I have pinged her to update you on this. …