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Logging Javascript Errors


Hello I am using the New Relic Browser. Currently it is correctly logging the page views but not the javascript errors. If I use the newrelic.noticeError() it does log my javascript errors inside of the js errors page on new relic.

Is using newrelic.noticeError() the only way to log my errors? I was just under the assumption that any unhandled javascript error was going to be automatically saved to new relic and I would only use newrelic.noticeError() for errors that I can safely handle.


Hi @yong.choi - What method are you using for browser monitoring, copy and paste or APM? If APM agent then which one are you using?



I went to “Browser” > “Settings: Application Settings” and then copied this snippet.

Is my assumption correct that new relic browser will automatically track unhandled javascript errors?


Yes, that is correct. You must ensure that the pasted script is between the tags for it to work correctly.


I’m new to new relic and trying to implement newrelic.noticeError() in my application. Is there anyway to see the logging errors locally?


Hi @JYoon - By locally I am assuming that you mean on the server hosting the service. Unless you log out the same information to a locally held repository such as the event log or a custom application log file, then you will only see the information in New Relic when implementing the noticeError method.