Logging service name and level not appearing in logs UI


I’m setting up logs in context for a Django app and things seem mostly good, but I can’t get the service name to properly show up in the logs UI. See the attached screenshot for what I mean, at the top “Level” and “Service name” both show N/A. Is there a setting I need to change in the newrelic.ini file? I have app_name set which I believe is what’s populating “entity.name”, and I am able to filter logs to my app using an entity.name:“Example app” matcher. This may have to do with how we’re running the app, which is in a docker container on an EC2 host. The New Relic infrastructure agent is running on the underlying host and is set to forward all docker container logs. Because there are multiple docker containers running on the host and the log locations change when the containers are updated, the configuration we’re using to forward logs looks like:

  - name: docker-logs
    file: /var/lib/docker/containers/*/*.log

Does anyone know how to get service name to populate correctly in a setup like this?