Logs: entity.guid renamed to entity.guids

We have observed what seems to be a breaking change in the way logs are being ingested.

We use structured logging in our Go codebase. Including logging “entity.guid”. But recently this has been renamed to entity.guids (which I can see on the logs interface). This breaks the Logs link on the APM page.

I can observe the first entity.guids on July 16th at 5:11 PM UTC, while the last entity.guid can be seen on July 16th at 5:27 PM UTC. Since then, 100% of the log messages are in the entity.guids form.

To clarify: we were able to search by entity.guid just fine before this change happened. Also, manually adjusting from “entity.guid:abc” to “entity.guids:abc” in the search box fixes the broken link.

Are we missing anything?

Hi @aymeric1 - This was an intentional change with the Infrastructure agent log forwarder. This comes with a fix for a bug in which Logs In Context weren’t being linked to apps properly.

This is referenced here: https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/release-notes/infrastructure-release-notes/infrastructure-agent-release-notes/new-relic-infrastructure-agent-1120

3394abd Fixed a bug where Logs in Context wouldn’t map to an application when using the Infrastructure forwarder

Though I understand that this has been a breaking change for your dashboards, and this change isn’t made clear in documentation - I have passed that feedback on for you.

Thanks for the context. Maybe it’s worth mentioning this breaking change in the changelog.

What I don’t understand is: we do log “entity.guid” (as used by the Logs button in the APM page menu), but for some reason, the field appears as “entity.guids” (plural form) when looking at the raw logs, which is the reason why it cannot be found. So I am not sure to see what we should do to address the issue as the fix seems out of our reach.

From your message, I understand it’s expected from the infrastructure agent to do the renaming. But in that case you would also need to update the Logs link in the APM page.

I have just opened a ticket for you where my colleagues can help you in figuring out the APM side of this. That ticket should be in your email inbox now.

Let us know how that ticket goes :slight_smile:

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There was an issue which has now been addressed by NR engineers.

Thanks for the help Ryan!

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Great! Glad it’s been figured out. Thanks for confirming @aymeric1