Logs not digested


I’m evaluating new relic and trying to get my application logs digested, however to no avail. I have set up a sidecar Docker container with shared volume between the app and the NR container. I have configured Dockerfile to copy my general configuration to /etc/newrelic-infra.yml and the logging configuration to /etc/newrelic-infra/logging.d/logging.yml

The logging configuration is:

  - name: [app name]
    file: /app/logs/*.log
      env: development


  1. In New Relic UI I can see that the infrastructure agent is online and also host metrics (like load etc) are being sent.

  2. The application logs are visible in the New Relic infrastructure agent Docker container. I can tail -f it and see new entries being added.

  3. I have double- and triple-checked the YAML file and whitespacing.

  4. When I run newrelic-infra-ctl as suggested by documentation, I get no mentions of the file logging. It leaves detailed logging on for a while, but when new entries are added to the log file, nothing is mentioned in the detailed logs, as if it wasn’t turned on.

  5. The logging agent throws following errors to the console:
    time=“2022-09-09T06:13:43Z” level=error msg=“can’t map devices” component=StorageSampler error=“open /host/etc/mtab: no such file or directory” mountsFilePath=/host/etc/mtab
    time=“2022-09-09T06:13:43Z” level=error msg=“can’t get partitions” component=StorageSampler error=“failed to get mounted devices/partitions”

From what I’m able to Google/SO these errors seem to be related to infrastructure logging, but not completely sure.

Any pointers on where to continue digging?

Hello @indrek.siitan.

Welcome to the community, I hope you are well!

Thank you for providing a lot of detail regarding your current issue. While I am not a support engineer, I am going to loop one in to help us out further as this is a bit out of scope for myself. Please note they will reply here on this post when available.

Please reach out if there is anything else we can assist with as well, we will be happy to help!

Hi indrek.siitan and welcome to our community,

The infrastructure agent can be used as a log forwarder with the logs integration, but does not collect logs on its own. For application logs you may explore the New Relic APM agent for your application’s language. Below doc is for monitoring a java Tomcat application in Docker with the APM agent installed in a Docker volume:

Install New Relic Java agent for Docker


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