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Logstash integration with New Relic Logs




I’ve followed the instructions here for integrating Logstash with New Relic logs:

However, I’m now seeing a lot of what appear to be security errors in the Logstash logs file:

[2019-11-07T14:39:45,807][ERROR][logstash.outputs.newrelic] Request returned 403 {}
[2019-11-07T14:39:49,683][ERROR][logstash.outputs.newrelic] Request returned 403 {}

I’ve double-checked and the license_key parameter in the Logstash output config is correct. We are currently evaluating New Relic so I understand that we should have access to this feature.


Hi @varaprasad.medaramet!

Can you verify that you are also not seeing the errors in Insights?



Not seeing any errors in Insights.


@varaprasad.medaramet -
Can you confirm you have set up correctly?

  1. Are you using a license key or API key? (per docs)
  2. Can you confirm you have configured the base URL? Noting that your account is EU based. (per docs) - By default data is sent to the US datacenter, which would fail for you since your account is EU based.