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LogWatcher - Additional Information


Hello New Relic community,

We have just found about this plugin, LogWatcher, and would like to ask you if someone can provide us with additional information about it ?
My concerns are:
If we should pay additional for it
If it is verified by New Relic (Should we have any concerns for data privacy and etc.)

Also if someone have experience with it, can you please advise if it is useful and working correctly.

Thank you all in advance,

Milen Palavrov


Hey @Milen.Palavrov - do you mean this plugin?

That is not a plugin written or supported directly by New Relic - We haven’t directly tested out this plugin, so we can’t speak to its usefulness.

That said, hopefully you’ll get some assistance from others here on the community who may have used this plugin. :slight_smile:


Hello @RyanVeitch, Thank you very much for your answer. Yes, this,, is the plugin. I will wait feedback from another New Relic users.
Meanwhile, can you please advise if you have some official New Relic plugin that have the same or similar functionalities ?

Best regards,
Milen Palavrov


Hi, @Milen.Palavrov: No, New Relic does not offer log-monitoring functionality. Instead, it is designed to monitor your application code to detect anomalies (such as errors) in real time, rather than reading them from logs.

If you can provide some more detail about what you are trying to accomplish, we may be able to help you do it with New Relic’s tools. Thanks!