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Hello team,

I am from Devops team working as devops engineer. we are trying to monitoring all my server metrics using new relic tool.Please let me know the process ,let me know cost of the service.Please share with me your phone number and Mail id.

I’d strongly recommend going elsewhere rather than New Relic. We regularly have issues, but they only provide ANY support from a premium pricing module, you can pay $500-2000 a month and have no support at all.

Take this example: You login, your account is blank, completely, not even billing information. You can’t raise a ticket, they just sit back and spend the money you’ve paid.

Try out other providers who actually provide support.

Please setup call you and me we can have some conversation for taking New relic services.

Hey there @devarajula.reddy -

We are happy to work with you to get your questions answered. The Explorers Hub is an official support channel and we are here for you.

It sounds like you are looking to monitor your infrastructure, rather than a particular app. For that, you would use our Infrastructure product:

Get Started with Infrastructure monitoring

Pricing is based on the number of users you require and your amount of ingested data. Our free plan includes 1 full user and 100GB of ingested data monthly. You would pay for users and usage above that.

If you need help understanding what your data ingest might look like, we have some recommendations for estimating your data ingest.

And… If all that does not help, let me know what specific questions you have, and I will create a case to connect you with our accounts team.

Hay Hross,

Please create one meeting requesting for dicussing with you and my team numbers to understand the my requirement for monitering setup.


Hello @devarajula.reddy -

Be on the lookout for an email from our team. They should be in touch shortly.