Lost Access to one of my App on New Relic One

Hello hello,

I can’t find some of my App on New Relic.

I still received the Monday metrics emails but even when clicking on “See report at New Relic” New Relic tells me I don’t have permission to access and then “404 - Nerdlet “users.profile” not found”.

I’m the only one using this account, no other member.

I thank you for any help regarding my issue :slight_smile:
Best Regards

Hey there @jeromin,

Glad to see you back, it has been awhile!

I have an awesome Level Up Post here that may be able to assist in resolving this for you. It does look like one of your accounts has been migrated so you have a New Relic One user record as well as an Original/Legacy user record which can cause this issue.

If you follow this guide and are still having issues please reach back out here and we will be more than happy to provide continued assistance. If it did help we would love to hear about it! We look forward to hearing from you again and I hope you have a great day!

Hey thank you Michael !

It works I can see my other accounts :slight_smile:

But is it possible to merge the old one and the new one ?
It is a bit annoying to have to disconnect, verify my account by email and then connect to see different accounts.

Hi @jeromin

Great question, I believe the accounts team can support this for you. However in-order to achieve this I will need to create a case with them on your behalf.

I will directly message you to confirm some account Information, which will allow for the case to be created. Please reply via the direct message.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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