Love our Lurkers Week DAY 4: Testimonials

Of course we could sit here and tell you all day how great this community is, but nothing is more powerful than hearing input from the members who participate and find value in what we do here.

Here is the part of the week where we ask all of our members to reply to this thread with a “testimonial”. Let us know why you don’t just observe, but take full advantage of what we do here. Share a time this community has helped, and why you keep coming back for more!

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Since I work for New Relic, I am not a typical member of this community; I am not likely to post a question here asking for help. Yet I still find this forum valuable as a way to learn about the challenges and concerns facing our actual users.

As a technical trainer, it’s very helpful to know what challenges customers face in using our products, and what questions they ask. This forum lets me hear genuine feedback from the people who use our products in the real world. (“Find out what happens when people stop being polite… and start getting real.”)

I also like that the forum gives me a place to share cool things I’ve learned, like how to send Alerts data to Insights, or how to programmatically submit an HTML form from a Synthetics script. These are solutions to real questions asked by customers during training; since we each have a finite number of keystrokes, it’s great to have a place to share these solutions with a wider audience.


Okay, I’ll go next because I can’t bear the thought of the New Relic team’s efforts going unappreciated!

As a Technical Lead keeping an eye on web applications for 6 or so production clients, New Relic has proven its value several times with alerts and statistics making us aware of potential problems before they have a chance to impact end-users.

I like this community because it puts human faces on what would otherwise be quite an impersonal field of work. It’s enormously beneficial to see real candid feedback from other New Relic users willing to articulate something that many may be thinking but few are actually expressing.

Stack Overflow has shown us the value of people at the coalface helping each other, independent of vendor or employer loyalties, so I’m really pleased to see the same thing happening here and encourage you “lurkers” to get involved!


Why do I spend so much time on here?

Originally I used it as a way to learn as much as I could about all the features of New Relic as I was responsible for providing a proof of concept and then migration away from another monitoring offering. By reviewing posts from other community members and trying to answer their questions I very quickly learned about Synthetic scripting challenges, Insights NRQL queries which were my main focus at the time.

Once I managed to get my knowledge up to speed it then became a great way for me to build up my relationship with New Relic employees. So much so that when I went to FutureStack in London I had New Relic employees who I had never heard of see my badge and say “Are you the Stefan? The one from the forums?” :sunglasses:

Oh and #LurkersWeek :grin: