Maintenance Window

I know this has topic has been bought up in previous discussions;

After a day of scripting and modifying monitor configs, I have successfully set up multiple synthetic monitors, however, due to limitations which I have found from reviewing through the application and browsing the discussion boards, New Relic does not have the option to add maintenance windows to for any predefined downtime. The monitors I have configured all go through an update process between 9 pm - 6 am (UK Time) daily during this time the websites are down, thus no monitors should be running at this time.

Are there any scripts I can add to my monitors to only run during UK business hours ( Monday - Friday at 8 am - 6 pm) and ignore any alerts and not show downtime in the reports?

Please feel free to pass your thoughts on how this can be achieved.

Hi, @jay.khatri: Yes, you may use the Synthetics REST API to update your monitors at the beginning of your maintenance window to set their statuses to DISABLED. After the maintenance window, run a script to set their statuses back to ENABLED.


You may also be able to use this workaround by @stefan_garnham: