Make the Most of the Community: Organizing Content

As an Explorer, you can get an answer to nearly any New Relic question you may have. That’s pretty awesome, but it gets even better! :unicorn: Using the community features will help you make the most of all the great content in the community AND build the professional connections that will help you far into the future. Can you handle the awesome? Then let’s get started!

First Things First: Topics vs. Posts

Before we dive into the specific features, we should take note of how the Community discussion is organized. There are Categories (Insights, or Browser) and Sub-categories (Browser Release Notes). Within each Category or Sub Category, we have Topics.

  • Topics are new conversation threads related to the Category. Within the Insights Category, for example, we have this topic: Useful Insights NRQL Queries Library. The first post is what defines the new Topic. At the bottom of Topic, your community tool bar will look like this:

  • A Post is any reply to the topic. In our NRQL Queries Library example, there are over a dozen Posts in the Topic. At the bottom of every post, your community toolbar will look like this:

Why does this distinction matter? Because you can use our community features to like a single Post (or response) OR the entire Topic. Sometimes you just want to like the Post that has the answer you need, and sometimes the whole Topic is one to remember. Use the right tools :tools: for the right purpose.

Community Tool: Bookmarking

You can use the “Bookmark” tool on either Topics or Posts. Bookmarks are a great way to save content that you need to reference repeatedly, or that you want to save for further investigation. Your bookmarks are saved in your profile under the Activity tab.

  • To bookmark an entire Topic, including all of its posts, just click on the Bookmark button beneath the last post. Once clicked, the button text will change to look like this:

  • To bookmark a single Post, just click on the bookmark iconin bottom of the Post. It will turn blue when it is selected.

  • When you don’t need a Topic or Post to be bookmarked anymore, just click on the buttons again to clear the bookmark. They will not longer show up in the Bookmarks section of your profile.

Community Tool: Tracking, Watching, and Muting

Topics (but not Posts) can be Tracked, Watched :eyes: or Muted.

  • Tracking a Topic will send you notifications within the community if a new post is made in the topic, or if you are mentioned.
  • Watching a Topic will send you an email (or follow your email preferences) if a new post is made, or if you are mentioned.
  • Muting a Topic will keep any notifications of that Topic from appearing and will keep the Topic out of the “Latest” list, even if a new Post is made.

You can use this feature to keep an eye on Topics that are of special interest to you. For example, if you create a topic with a new question about how a feature works, you may choose to Watch that Topic so that you get an email in your inbox when a response is received. Or, you might want to Track a topic related to a feature request you are interested in so that you can easily check in on it the next time you log into the community.

By default, if you read a Topic through to the end, the Topic will set to Tracking. You can change this for any Topic at any time. Click on the Tracking button at the bottom of the topic to select which level of engagement you want:

You can change the settings for any Topic at any time.

Community Tool: Share

Both Topics and Posts can be shared, and this is a great feature for sharing resources with your team or other communities. Use this right, and you’ll be on the receiving end of a LOT of high fives :clap:. If you find a Topic or Post that can be helpful to someone else you know, you can share it with them.

Clicking on the Share button under a topic or the Share icon within a post will generate a popup where you can grab a link, or choose to share via Twitter, Facebook, or email:

Community Tool: Like

The “like” feature (:+1:) is available only for posts, but this little button packs a powerful punch:

  • It’s a great way to show your gratitude for the great content someone in the community took to the time to provide
  • Every Post you “like” is logged in the “Likes Given” section of your profile activity so you can easily find things you found useful
  • When a post gets a lot of likes, it’s a signal to newcomers that the content is particularly useful, so every like you give helps the next person get to the good stuff that much faster

Liking a Post is pretty darn easy. Just click the thumbs up icon :+1: at the bottom of any Post. The thumb will turn teal when you select it.


Was the upvoting deliberately missed? :wink:

You caught me! We’re doing some thinking about that feature right now. Have any opinions you want to share?

I do use the upvote when I see an answer, though it does seem hit and miss as to whether it is used or not.

If something’s not being used then there is no point having it IMHO.