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Mar. 6, 2017 Post of the Week—Infrastructure, Insights, PHP and Mayhem!



Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out our

Post of the Week! :herb: :leaves: :herb:

This is our chance to highlight some of the amazing efforts that happened in our Online Technical Community this week. Thank you all who jumped in to save the day—even if you didn’t know that is what you were doing! These posts stick around and help the community for many moons. See what I mean by checking out this first featured post:

@florent.brassart updated us all on how he mastered an issue he was having with the PHP Agent:

@smithclay lays down some seriously cool New Relic Infrastructure in this Level Up: Relic Solution post:

Nad as always, @stefan_garnham schools us all (in a good way) in the ways of Insights and more!

Don’t miss your chance to participate in our campaign this month: March Mayhem! We are having tons of fun watching the votes roll in. This is your chance to vote on New Relic features so don’t be shy! Come to our March Mayhem category and join the fun! :basketball:

Thank you all for being such a big help in the community this week and always. Please help me in recognizing the people who lend their time to help out by liking :heartbeat: the posts that helped you out!

See you next time!