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March Mayhem 2018 - Ya'll Ready for This?


MarchMayhem2018_Bracket.pdf (115.2 KB)


MarchMayhem2018_Bracket-2.pdf (48.5 KB)

NRQL with Facet support is the winner for me


HEllo all,
Here is my wish list :

Best regards


Not available for us in Asia! :disappointed_relieved:


Sorry we can’t get a prize out to you, @joe_w! Please don’t let that stop you from voting on Monday and all month long! :white_check_mark: We want to hear from everyone!






MarchMayhem2018_Bracket.pdf (50.4 KB)


MarchMayhem2018_Bracket.pdf (139.1 KB)



MarchMayhem2018_Bracket.pdf (108.8 KB)


Hi there @j.needham - I downloaded that bracket and it appears to be empty. Would you mind maybe uploading a screenshot?


MarchMayhem2018_Bracket_test.pdf (97.0 KB)


Hey everyone! Great to see so many brackets going up! :trophy:

With 23 brackets in, I started to notice a few things that I found interesting and wanted to share:

  • There is really no front-runner in this race according to your brackets. Detect Outliers From a Group of Time Series and More Alert Condition Types/Controls for Synthetics are the two leaders with 4 brackets each selecting them as the ultimate winner.
  • 11 different features (of the 16) are selected as winners across your brackets.
  • There are only 5 features that are note selected as the winner (and two of them at least never win a match!).
  • Finally, your winning features are predominantly from the right side of the bracket. Right-handed bias?

I’m also curious, so I added a poll - are you selecting your winner based on what you THINK will win, or what you WANT to win (or are they the same?). Share your stories in the comments!

  • I selected the feature I THINK will win
  • I selected the feature I WANT to win
  • I think the feature I want will also win

0 voters

Remember - you can upload brackets until 3/12!


Actually, I have no idea what I am doing.


Love the candor, @will5 - you’re going to fit in great!



MarchMayhem2018_Bracket.pdf (116.5 KB)


2018 Review of Community Awesomeness
Last Four Round