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March Mayhem Feature Highlight: AWS MQ Integration



March Mayhem 2020

Feature Highlight: AWS MQ Integration

ActiveMQ is the new fully managed message broker services from Amazon Web Services.

ActiveMQ provides a fully managed topic/queue services without the need to provision and maintain the underlying infrastructure.

As with other AWS services, ActiveMQ also provides metrics through CloudWatch, from where New Relic collects them to give you a unified monitoring experience for all your Infrastructure and Cloud Services.

With New Relic’s ActiveMQ Cloud Integration you will be able to Monitor and Alert on your most relevant MQ metrics on 3 major categories: Broker, Topic and Queues

You will be able to monitor your Broker’s CPU Usage and Credit Balance, your Topic’s end-to-end latency, from when a message arrives until it is delivered, or your Queue’s size and Expired Count.

As with other New Relic products, this is all powered by Insights which also allows you to create your own custom dashboards and tailor your New Relic experience.

For a complete list of ActiveMQ metrics visit our online documentation.

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