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March Mayhem Feature Highlight: Chart Builder



March Mayhem 2020

Feature Highlight: New Relic One Chart Builder

The above video goes through the Chart Builder in New Relic.

Traditionally we have been able to ask questions of our data using NRQL, in Insights. NRQL is an immensely powerful way to extract the best from your New Relic data. With that said, there are some complexities to it.

With the New Relic One Chart Builder - you can query with NRQL, however you can also use the Basic Mode, to click through some drop downs to build the very same charts, using the same data, in a far more simplified way!

Get Ready to VOTE!

Starting next week you’ll be able to vote for this as your favourite New Relic Feature! Check back here to start voting & be sure tofill in your bracket in the meantime!

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