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March Mayhem Round 2 - Celebrate 8



The Sweet(Lew) 16 round is over and we’re ready to see which features made it to the next stop in the journey to victory. Eight features are moving on to this :partying_face: Celebrate 8 :partying_face: round. Now it’s up to you - vote again to determine what stays in the game.

How’s your bracket doing? Is this tournament turning out as you planned? Remember, if you need help choosing we have short 2 minute videos about each feature and they are also linked above each poll. :video_camera:

Voting is open until 9am Pacific on Monday, March 30. Have fun!

New Relic One Catalog vs. Browser Distributed Tracing

  • New Relic One Catalog
  • Browser Distributed Tracing

0 voters

Recording Deployments vs. Status Pages Nerdpack

  • Recording Deployments
  • Status Pages Nerdpack

0 voters

Chart Builder vs. Logs in Context

  • Chart Builder
  • Logs in Context

0 voters

MySQL Integration vs. Proactive Detection

  • MySQL Integration
  • Proactive Detection

0 voters

March Mayhem Sweet(Lew) 16 WINNER
closed #2